We’ve worked with diverse companies from different industry for more than 9+ years.

We are lead information technology company in Lagos, Nigeria with a track record of incorporating user and business requirements into cost-effective, secure and user-friendly solutions known for scalability and durability.

Our company is solving the problem of affordability issues surrounding the use of ICT for development and poverty reduction ...

A proven process

Based on technical logic

With a media partner

Creative execution

We Have Global Network Of Clients

Our client base extends well beyond West African country to clients in South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. That client base includes major startup companies, small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses and the ones that has become a trend now "Home Office Businesses"

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We Have 9+ Years Of Experience In Tech

We are proud to help small and medium businesses for free (whereby our basic services are provided free of charge while more advanced features must be paid for). When a business grows and needs advanced features or custom solutions, our paid SERVICE TIER are a logical next step. This is a win-win situation.

Our mission is to become known as the best enabler for operational efficiency improvement, to our clients’ businesses through excellent customer service and collaboration.

Our Team

Maintaining our focus and commitment is a leadership team that continues to drive our growth and success. In our work at SKWNAPP CREATIVE, we focus first on building strong people. With the right person, there is connection, community and cause.

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