How to Create an Ecommerce Website for Free Using Paystack Storefront

Diversifying where you sell online can help you reach new customers, especially as eCommerce becomes more competitive.

To get started, just follow the steps below and you should have a complete eCommerce website for your business in no time.

Create an account on Paystack
Sign Up on Paystack

As mentioned above, you need to create an account on Paystack to use the storefront feature.

Visit Paystack.com to create your free account. The registration process is very straightforward and you will be required to upload some documents to confirm your identity for obvious reasons. So, get your free account and move to step two.

Create a new storefront
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Once your account is active, make sure you switch the green toggle in the top right corner to “Live” before creating a new storefront. After that click the big green button to create a new storefront for your business. This will be your new website.

Fill in your business details
Fill your Paystack storefront details

Fill in your business details and choose your default store currency. You need a domiciliary account to enable USD payment on your storefront. If you already have one, you can enable the USD currency option by adding your dorm account under settings.

(Paystack now supports American Express (Amex) transactions. This means that merchants in Nigeria and South Africa can now accept payments from over 100 million global customers (50m+ in the USA) who pay with Amex.)

Add your products

Add a new storefront product

Add the name of your product, a small description and the price of your good. Under quantity, if you have unlimited stock, leave it as it is. But if you have limited stock, you can switch to limited and enter the number of your stock.

If you are selling a physical product that requires delivery, toggle the grey switch to tell Paystack to collect your customer's delivery address.

Then click next to add your product images.

Add your product image/video
Add product images

You should now upload your product image, GIF or video to make the product more appealing to your customers. You can add up to 6 media content to your product. I suggest you use a square image—1000×1000 for a better look.

Customize your eCommerce website
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Here you can change your colour, your store link, welcome message and can even add an “about us” text to make it more trustworthy to your customers. You won't be able to do much with the layout though. So add what you can add and move on to the next step.

Add your shipping fees
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You can specify the price of each of your delivery locations here. Say, for example, you want to ship your product to Ibadan and you want to charge a particular price for that area, you can add that here and the shipping fee will be automatically added to the total price.

Add “after purchase” message


As the name suggests, you can customize the success message after a customer pays for your product. This message will be shown immediately after payment and will be included in the email receipt too. So, make sure it looks nice.

For the redirection box, you can add a URL you'd like to direct your customers to. You can add a customized thank you page or your Instagram link. Your customers will be redirected to the chosen link after payment. But it's completely optional.





      Paystack storefront preview page
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      Finally, you can preview your store by visiting https://paystack.shop/yourstore to see how your store looks. You should test your store the same way your customers would, to see if everything works correctly.

      On a final note, you can create as many Paystack storefronts as possible. But I still recommend that you get a branded website for your eCommerce business so that you can implement features that can make your customers buy more from you. FOMO strategies or abandoned cart recovery are not possible in a store like this.

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